This Yin Hatha Yoga practice combines Yin & Yang Asanas (postures), works with Pranayama (breath work), deep relaxation and meditation. Yoga is designed to guide you into meeting yourself. It is close to my heart to support your unique process – connecting with your body and breath, getting to know you deeply and touching your inner being.

The Yin Asanas are regenerative, calm postures, allowing space and time to soften, open, relax and let go. Ligaments, tendons and bones are energized and connective tissues, fascia and joints are kept flexible and smooth. The body is invited to soften down to its deepest layers.

The Yang Asanas are strengthening postures that activate muscle power and stabilize the entire body structure and joints. They are practiced individually, as well as dynamically in sequences (Sun and Tibetan Salutation).

In the final meditation you are invited to simply be in this moment – with everything that is present within you right now. With all movements in the system – your mind, heart and body. A moment of gratitude and gift to yourself.

In the Yoga sessions you will be guided into the postures and accompanied by selected music/sounds. Silence phases are integrated in the practice and meditation as well.

Teaching yoga is a very unique journey. It is particularly important to me to guide you into feeling, to support to allow awareness to enter the body and refine your sensory perception, as well as to draw your attention to the listening of the inner wisdom of your cells and being, which is accessible to you in every moment.


Allowing you to be truly touched, to feel deeply, requires the willingness to let go of the shield of self-protection and allow yourself to become vulnerable. It means to become receptive to life – letting rejection and inner resistance against life to be dissolved step by step.

You are invited to trust deeply, to slowly become curious and courageous to face life – raw, naked and vulnerable. Be brave to really feel the liveliness in your body – discovering your emotional center within yourself, wherever it is alive in you (heart, belly, whole body).


The yoga sessions are not about the perfection of postures – they are about coming into contact with yourself – perceiving sensations, feelings and thoughts, raw without loosing yourself in stories. We tend to avoid body parts that store experiences of injury, trauma or pain on a cellular level. Out of fear of this pain, the body reacts with numbness, narrowness, restlessness or closure.

It needs the loving attention, the conscious flow of breath and gentle movements to slowly open up to these areas. Allowing consciousness to touch the innermost being – creates space for recognition and meeting yourself in depths. With it a deep feeling of liveliness may appear. That’s how transformation and healing happens.


Bringing your attention to your breath means connecting with the natural flow of breath and lifeforce – acknowledging that you are a child of nature. Life flows through you, through your body, into every single cell and beyond. The flow of breath leads you directly into the body to touch your innermost – to perceive the flow, the expanse, the narrowness or tension. A key to relaxation and letting go.

In yoga practice you learn to let your breath flow freely & naturally – without holding, resist or withdraw. In this trust your breath leads you into your subconscious, being invited to meet yourself on a deeper level.


Drawing attention to the body gives us the opportunity to perceive what is really there. This touch from within allows us to be present with and love ourselves in this moment.

In yoga it is one of the keys to relaxation and acceptance. It supports us in softening tensions and blockages. Together with a deep breath, narrowness and closure can be released. You can experience becoming more subtle in your perception and more transparent within your being. Hardened and stucked physical and mental structures can soften and a letting go is deeply invited.


In these times of rapidity and competition, many people are confronted with high expectations of themselves and others. This leads to an inner attitude of high standards and hardness.

In yoga you learn to be gentle and patient with yourself – giving yourself time and space to align and flow naturally. This is not about forcing or achieving anything. On the contrary. You become more and more refined in your feeling of what you truly need in this moment taking deep care of yourself.

So you may discover a loving and trusting way of being with yourself. Cultivating compassion as an expression of self-love.


The inner critic of the mind can be a challenge in yoga. Mind tends to hold on to core beliefs and thus thinking it knows something to be true –  blocking the willingness of letting go and surrender. The recognition and acceptance of inner resistance transforms this holding onto something – and invites  an opening of your being – which may become receptive to inner wisdom.

This acceptance gives you energy, allows your system to flow again and connects you deeply with your heart.

12x card 156 euro | single session 16 euro | trial session 10 euro

TUESDAY 18:30 – 20:00

Zur Scheiermühle 7 (Therapiezentrum Walter), 85221 Dachau

· Beginners & advanced – you can join at any time writing me beforhand.

· Yoga mats, meditation cushions, yoga blocks, belts and blankets are available.

· If possible, don’t eat 2 hours before the yoga class.

· Everyone is responsible for their own mental and physical health.

· In case of health problems, please ask your doctor for advice beforehand.

· Please inform me in case of pregnancy.

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