The Yin Immersions are a gentle invitation into a deep state of relaxation and letting go.

Yin Yoga opens up new ways for the body, mind and soul to experience deep relaxation and calmness – soothes an overstrained nervous system, opens a tender heart, allows the body to soften and the mind to calm. Your whole being is invited to direct its attention deeply inwards, surrendering to the flow of breath and deep feeling.

In these Yin Immersions your body is supported in its gentle letting go, supported by various materials like blocks, pillows, belts, bolsters and blankets. The Yin postures are held for 3-10 minutes to allow the body and mind to relax deeply. The session is complemented with elements of yoga nidra, conscious touch, breath work and guided meditation allowing the whole being to sink deeper into relaxation.

Each Yin Session is part of a Yin Immersion Series and is focused on a specific theme.


In these sessions you are invited to get in touch with the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine – discovering their natural qualities within you. Each element is connected to certain meridians & organs, which we address and stimulate in the asanas.


In these immersions you can get to know the 3 gates – head, heart and belly – which can be portals to yourself. 3 dimensions of different qualities and yet deeply connected.


❂  EARTH  ❂

The earth is our Great Mother – the origin of creation. Life, creativity and inner potential arises out of her black womb. She holds dark secrets and immense power. Our bodies rise from Mother Earth – she is deeply anchored in our pelvis and belly space (womb, hara).

In this Yin Yoga Immersion we gently connect with the power of earth allowing to be deeply carried and hold – diving into her mystery. Rooting ourselves in the mother’s womb, nourishing us and letting us sink deeply into her.

According to TCM, these yin postures stimulate the spleen and stomach meridians. This can accompany and support stomach and digestive problems, defensive weakness, brooding, mood changes, stress and depressive mood. Worries are slowing down the energy – through the Yin practice the energy is coming alive and flow again.


❂  WATER  ❂


The water is grace in motion. It is wondrously flexible, organic and extremely permeable. If space is created, it can flow freely and uninhibitedly – if it is restricted in its flow, it comes to stagnation. Flowing water allows life to blossom – it caresses the earth and sinks into every single layer. It penetrates our body – the muscles, tendons, tissue – every single cell.

In this Yin Yoga Immersion we connect with the gentleness and softness of water. Discovering the flow within us – how this quality permeates our whole being and solidified structures begin to dissolve.

According to TCM, these yin postures stimulate the kidney and bladder meridians. This can support sensitivity to cold, impotence, back pain, neck tension, headaches, frequent cystitis, anxiety and threatening feelings.

❂  FIRE  ❂

Fire contains an immense force holding the potential for transformation – the transformation of matter into energy. Its blazing flames are wild and untamed. From a distance fire radiates a pleasant warmth, from near it becomes burning hot. It awakens passion and love, ferocity and deepest expression. The wafting amber seems to breathe – ensouled and magical at the same time. The fire element embodies liveliness and death at the same time – the cycle of life.

In this Yin Yoga Immersion we gently embrace the power of fire in the belly and heart space. Through deep relaxation and softening we discover fire as a powerful energy within us that allows to come into our power & strength – a tender, loving wildness that wants to express itself in the world.

According to TCM, these yin postures stimulate the pericardium and triple warmer meridians. This can help with dizziness, heartache, circulatory and thyroid problems, abdominal pain, neck pain, depression, self-doubt and distrust.


❂  WOOD  ❂


Have you ever embraced a tree, clung to the bark of its trunk and listened to its inner movements? Have you ever perceived its immense power and stability? Its roots, which reach deep into the earth and form a fine root system through which the trees can communicate?

In this Yin Yoga Immersion we connect with the power of wood – its stability and resilience, its slowness, rootedness and deep networking. We discover its quality in ourselves by directing all our senses and attention inwards – listening deeply to ourselves.

According to TCM these yin postures stimulate the gallbladder (yang) and liver meridians (yin). This can help with headaches, gallbladder stones, muscle tension, abdominal, back and menstrual pain, depressive moods, stubbornness, anger, rage, annoyance and decision-making difficulties.

❂  METAL  ❂

In this Yin Yoga Immersion we connect with the strength and constancy of the metal. Feeling into ourselves – the space within us, our own limitations and boundaries – coming into contact with the inner sanctum – the holy space within.

We discover our own brilliance. Being open and honest with ourselves – sensing what is really there. In this vulnerability, something beautiful, something powerful can show itself – something incredibly radiant.

According to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) these Yin postures stimulate the lung (Yin) and large intestine (Yang) meridians. The flow of breath and metabolism can be stimulated. This can help with asthma, bronchitis, disturbance of the intestinal flora and a feeling of inner emptiness, feelings of inferiority and a great need for safety.




The natural movement of mind is being in constant movement – ever changing. Thoughts, memories, images, ideas are coming and going – they emerge and disappear again.

The mental movements are unstable and nonconstant. And yet we hold on to them. Finding us again and again in thinking patterns and loops, deeply believing in them. They only stick to the past or dive into the future – movements that move away from this present moment.

In this Yin Immersion we allow the mind to come to rest and let ourselves sink into the head space, while Asanas support you in neck and shoulder relaxation. You become familiar with the nature of mind and are invited to rest in the present moment – to let awareness penetrate every single cell of your body.


The heart space is a gateway to the deep longing for love and connectedness. It reveals the precious human vulnerability and teaches humility towards life.

This area is often armored and covered by self-protection layers. Past experiences have closed the heart, increased pressure and narrowed the flow of breath.

The Yin Immersion helps you to reconnect with your heart space – to immerse yourself in feeling. It teaches you patience and slowness. And guides you to these fragile places, which had to protect themselves – give them space like a tender flower to open very gently and slowly again, to relax deeply. Heart and shoulder openers accompany you in this opening and gentle rising.




In the area of the belly and pelvis, we hold pain and wounds that are often untouched. A delicate space of our being that requires gentleness and tender care. It is a gateway to the brokenness of human being and the core of creation – the deep and powerful potential.

It is a lifelong learning process to hold oneself in this pain. This Yin Immersion invites you to touch these delicate places slowly and carefully. To allow consciousness to flow into this often cut off body space – which can feel numb, unfeeling, disconnected, hard.

The Yin Immersion guides you through hip openers and a gentle, grounding practice that connects you to the belly and pelvis space. Conscious touch and breath work with sounding supports yourself.

1 session | 2 – 2.5 hrs  •  20 – 30 euro

3 immersions •  50 – 80 euro

· 2 hours before each session I recommend you not to eat anything and drink a lot of water afterwards.

· Please come in warm, comfortable clothes.

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