SATTVA - natuerliches sein invites you to meet yourself deeply. Within a container of presence you are allowed to deeply rest, breath and explore your inner landscape - to slowly peel yourself off tightness, to allow masks to drop - and consciousness to sweap your whole being expanding in every cell of your body, that your entire system is becoming alive, vivid, vibrating moment by moment.

Yoga, Meditation, Retreats, Ritual & Ceremony, Self-Enquiry, Ayurveda Massages, Holistic Bodywork and 1:1 Sessions support you to discover your innermost being - to listen to the wise voice within you and connect with yourself, the environment around you and life itself.

☉ Come into contact with the wisdom of your body, the natural flow of breath and pure feeling - learn to perceive the movements within you.

☉ Get to know yourself deeply in brutal honesty. Learn to hold yourself in all the movements within you - from joy and bliss to sadness, despair, fear and separation.

☉ Discover the profound connection with nature wihtin yourself - the power of fire, the flow of water, the rootedness of earth, the lightness of air and the vastness of space.

☉ Connect with the instinct, intuition, liveliness and wildness - with the powerful, wise nature allowing it to express through you - full of beauty and naturalness.

Do you long to come home, live authenticity and connection, cultivate gentleness and acceptance, experience peace and deep trust in your body's wisdom, discover the power of naturalness?

Would you like to begin this wonderful journey of transformation and self-exploration, recognize your potential,  feel safe in your own skin, get to know you deeply and to unfold in beauty?

Come to lovingly know yourself - I am delighted to be able to accompany you.

The Cacao Ceremony by Elena was an unforgettable, deep experience with all my senses. The lovingly prepared space and cacao, as well as the beautiful attunement with Elena began to open my heart from the very first sip. From the very beginnig I felt safe, seen, welcomed and accepted. So I could easily get in contact with the wonderful spirit and wisdom of cacao. Elena's mindful, compassionate nature allowed me to feel deeply - processes could take place within me, as she was always supportive in the exact right moment, when I needed a loving holding hand or presence. Magical! The accompanying music and atmosphere created have been amazing, which really made the experience complete. I can only recommend this wonderful and for me "holy" ceremony to everyone and am very happy to join again.

- Gisela Graf

I recently attended a Sattva Retreat by Elena and was thrilled. As a Yoga & Meditation newcomer I was very excited and also a little bit nervous what the following 3 days would look like. But from the very first moment I was in the best of hands and cared for. Elena and her team have created a wonderful setting to take a break from everyday life, relax and devote time and attention to your thoughts and feelings. Elena's work convinces all along the line. Professionally, but more importantly on a personal level. You can feel with how much love and enthusiasm Elena pursues her passion and strives to create an unforgettable personal experience for each participant. I'm sure I'll go back to retreating.

- Alexander Seethaler

There are no words... An Ayurvedic Massage by Elena is a true gift. I felt very comfortable from the beginning. Full of trust I could drop deeply into myself, open up and lost all sense of time. The gentle, tender touches have touched the innermost depth. There was a deep connection noticeable, a fusion of Elena's present touches and me - I could and was simply allowed to be in love.

- Antonia Limbrunner

After the Sattva Retreat... It feels free, to be warm and strong, to come fresh from the source of "one's own". The next moment - collapse but then I fall back into this new world of serenity. Everything swirls back and forth, but the enchanting Elena provides security on this path. Basti cooks happy, cheerful, colourful food for us. Everyone is silent and this silence moves so much in me... there are no words. A deep love... I didn't realize how much I can hear food. Maybe a new way back to cooking? Even stronger is nature with its power...the forest, the meadows, the sounds of the animals, the tree, every little leaf, every walnut simply in silence and yet as if in a storm. It was clearly too short. Back home I was standing in the children's room... it has also something of a natural force when you are away as a mother of three children for three days - but then there is this work of art of my daughter laying in the middle of chaos... no child can think of cleaning when it is about to create something so beautiful... I just start cleaning silently... to create more space for her and my space has become infinite. Thank you, Elena.


- Antje Zauner

I recently experienced the pleasure of Elena's massage and it was quite simply an exquisite experience! She holds such a caring and gentle space, yet the massage for me was deeply powerful. A safe and nurturing experience for gentle healing as well as relaxation and rejuvenation. And what touched me the most was the level of presence I felt with every stroke of her hand, like our bodies were speaking through breath and every word was deeply heard and felt. Thank you for sharing your gifts Elena.

- Naseem Khakoo

You have created something very special by sharing your love so openly. This could be felt in every detail during the Sattva Retreat. It created a deep connection in the group, which deeply touched me.
 Elena, you managed to guide us with empathy and compassion. Basti, your love flows through song and food and has made us all happy. Thank you for this experience. I can only recommend everyone to go on this journey to meet themselves, for which you have created a beautiful space.

- Jona Waibel

There is no embodiment of what you truly are

without allowing the dying of what you are not to happen.

– Aisha Salem

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