Holistic Bodywork is an invitation to come home within your body, to relax deeper into your body and connect with yourself. The body is the temple of a profound wisdom and intelligence living within your cells – in this work you are invited to deeply connect and listen to this wisdom inside of you.

In this way you will meet what will show itself from within in this very moment – how you are there right now – how you feel, what kind of movements are showing up in your life at the moment, which topics are present for you, where you are stuck or stressed in your life, which behaviour patterns are there and how all this is reflected in your body.

Unpleasant sensations in the body are the physical expression of emotional, psychological and spiritual energies, that have been suppressed, blocked and stuck in the system – this is the bodies way of speaking to us, trying to bring our awareness to these disconnected places waiting to be met.

In Holistic Bodywork you are invited to meet mental, physical, emotional and energetic blockages, protective and defense mechanisms and strategies of avoidance that have been built up and stored in your system over many years. An invitation to slowly peel and free yourself from these nebulous and dense layers in your own pace, unraveling an honest, naked and intimate meeting of yourself.

Within the container of love and presence you will be held and met compassionately – in a deep listening and feeling for what is needed in this very moment. I will also invite you to gently touch upon your limitations, edges, uncomfortable zones which we tend to avoid usually. An invitation to venture into unknown territory, to leave old paradigms and open yourself to the mystery that you are.

The Holistic Bodywork session doesn’t follow any concept or pre-built structure – it is non-linear and very much flows with what is showing itself in the moment. I deeply trust in the body’s wisdom and inner voice guiding me through your inner landscape. I might work with breath work, gentle touch, deep massage, prana breath massage, felt sense, movement, conscious sounding, dialogue and listening.

You are very welcome to have a free conversation (30 min) in order to feel into whether you would like to work with me and to dive deeper into yourself.

60 min 75 euro

90 min 100 euro

30 min conversation (via phone or skype) free

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