Meditation is an art of being present. To meditate means to be with yourself – to be present with what is showing itself in that very moment. In meditation you give yourself the space to get to know yourself deeply. To come into contact with you and the movements within.

Meditation brings you close to your breath and body. You get to know your head, heart and belly space – the very unique qualities of these areas and their connection.

In the Sattva Retreats, Yoga, Ceremonies and also in the Online-Meditation-Course you will be guided into the art of meditation. Different emphases allow you to connect deeply with mother earth, exploring femininity, meeting pain, calming the mind – and many other topics like Embracing Yourself, Being Silence and Holding Yourself.

Through this exploration you get to know yourself more deeply, explore the inner landscape and learn how to hold yourself within these movements.

The Online-Meditation-Course is an open invitation to explore meditation together and by yourself considering your personal needs and limitations. It wants to support you individually in your meditation practice. This means that you will be met exactly where and how you are right now – whether being a beginner or advanced meditator.

The course aims to accompany you in establishing a regular meditation practice, specifically addresses your personal obstacles and offers guidance to bring relaxation and a softening in these areas. It adapts the meditations depending on the needs and challenges you are meeting in life right now.

You will be supported by meditations (online and as audio files), breathing and sounding exercises, contemplations and information material. Your experiences, topics, questions, challenges shape the structure of the sessions.

More information about the Meditation-Online-Course can be found below.


The basis of meditation is your willingness to meet yourself – to be present with everything that may arise within this process.

Meditation has many side effects such as calming the mind, a change in body perception and pain, lowering the activity of the anxiety centre (amygdala) in the brain and damping the physical stress reaction. If this becomes your meditation goal then they are rather obstacles than pleasant side effects.

The core of meditation lies much deeper. It is a way of letting go, of trusting, of accepting. A journey that allows us to discover our true nature beyond thoughts, feelings and concepts – that allows us to come ‘home’ – to the natural state of being.


The everyday life is often dominated by an unconscious mode of doing, speed, stress and controlled by the head. Sitting in meditation is a possibility of slowing down, of resting and just being with yourself.

Thereby space is created to drop the doing for a moment, simply to sit, to breathe deeply in and out and to dive into a state of being. Just being in presence allows you to meet all movements within you (sensations, feelings, thoughts) – to listen carefully, deeply allowing yourself to come in and down and your whole being to be bathed in loving presence.


In meditation you give yourself time to be with yourself. It is a gift to bring the attention just to yourself allowing consciousness to enter your being. Consciousness penetrating your being is love itself, flowing through and in you into every single cell.

Love listens gently. Allows your body to soften, to slowly open up and thereby creates space for inner wisdom and deep intelligence to unfold. Layer after layer, you are invited to come closer – to meet yourself in intimacy. So that it is possible for love to live deeper through you and suddenly meditation becomes a gift of self-love – self-care – compassion.


Meditation is like a deep relaxation of mind and body. It’s a key for letting go. It is essential that your whole body – the cells, nervous system, organs – and your mind – thoughts, concepts , beliefs, dreams – are ready to rest and relax.

You are invited to draw your attention to the subtle tensions, contractions and hard, cramped places in the body and mind – to soften more and more, allowing to let go.


To be present with yourself means to start listening permanently. To recognize and accept what is alive in you rigth now – to feel what is really present in that moment.

In meditation you can meet yourself honestly and feel deeply into yourself. It is not about solving a problem, fixing or changing something. Deep listening allows you to trust in the wisdom of your being and to slowly dissolve your tendency to control and manipulate out of fear.


In meditation we can explore the natural movements of the mind – its restlessness, confusion and tendency to seek, analyse or find solutions. Constantly in motion mind tends to grasp at memories of the past or make plans for the future, works goal-oriented, constantly in search of strategies and concepts. Trying to find a way out of not perceiving reality as it is.

Being able to not loose yourself in this continuous stream of thoughts, stories and images creates space for what is really happening. An invitation not to respond to one’s own projections and interpretations of circumstances, but to act authentically, not manipulated by conditioned thought patterns and (core) beliefs.


Meeting yourself honestly, getting to know yourself nakedly is an adventure that takes trust and courage to dive into the unknown. You don’t know what will reveal itself to you. Noone is able to walk this path for you –  every human being has his/her very unique journey and way of taking each step. What awaits for you is to take responsibility for yourself more and more, to soften and open deeper into yourself and listening to the inner voice guiding you deeper into that mystery.

It needs a deep longing, taking responsibility and the willingness to shake off the old in order to venture into the new, unknown, undescribed – to devote yourself fully to life itself – to You.



The Meditation Online Course is a gift to yourself. Especially in times of restlessness, hectic, fast-pacedness, nervousness, irritation, confusion and doing, it is an invitation to slow down and create space – for you, for your inner being, for the movements within you, that want to be seen and felt.

Depending on how you are at the beginning of the course and what you bring, you will get to know the basics of meditation such as meditation postures, support in meditation, mudras (hand postures), meditation obstacles (how to deal with them) and above all what meditation actually is.

The course wants to guide you individually to explore and discover your unique way of meditation. The course is like an anchor and inspiration to integrate meditation in everyday life being present in every moment – to live meditation.

If you have specific needs or topics you would love to explore through meditation such as self-doubt, anger, sadness, self-love, trust, a restless mind, inferiority, femininity, pregnancy, menstrual challenges or others, the course offers you special meditations to guide you through and supports you in how to deal with these challenges you might experience.

Possible meditations:

☉ Embrace Yourself

☉ Deep Rest Inside of You

☉ Ground Yourself

☉ Relax Your Mind

☉ Connect With Your Heart

☉ Feeling Pain

4x skype/zoom sessions (1 person)  á 60min   200 euro

incl. 4 meditations (to listen to), 1 meditation (as download), contemplations, pdf-info-material & inspiration


4x skype/zoom sessions  in a group (2 persons) á 60min   150 euro (per person)

incl. 4 meditations (to listen to), 1 meditation (as download), contemplations, pdf-info-material & inspiration


4x skype/zoom sessions  in a group (3-4 persons) á 60min   120 euro (per person)

incl. 4 meditations (to listen to), 1 meditation (as download), contemplations, pdf-info-material & inspiration

· No experiences required ( for beginners & advanced)

· 2 hours before each session I recommend not to eat.

· Make sure to be undisturbed during the session.

· There should be no more than 7-10 days between each session.

· Install Skype and Zoom on your computer.

· You will need headphones & a good internet connection.

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